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The diamond microdermabrasion provides a nonsurgical skin replenishing procedure, by using sterile diamond heads to remove the top layer of old and dead skin. The procedures results consist of the removal of skin debris, imperfections, blemishes, wrinkles, and unwanted skin pigmentation. Moderate usage of Diamond Microdermabrasion, accompanied with skin products that penetrate through the top layer of skin to reach the dermis level, helps to replenish natural nutrients to your skin, restore cell activity, while greatly promoting skin health. The results after diamond microdermabrasion treatment are usually healthy, radiant, and beautiful skin.
Rich in minerals, it detoxify and reduces cellulite deposits while softening the skin. The combination of the thermal properties of paraffin and detoxifying effects of parafango creates an effective treatment for inches loss and cellulite control. Its stimulates the lymphatic flow in the body and draws out toxins from around the fat cells.
Remove unwanted dead skin cells, smoothing wrinkles, treating pimples, and clears complexion. It uses ultrasonic waves that penetrate deep into the dermis to both clean skin from loose dead skin cells while also driving creams and ampoules into the skin.
Nourish and soften skin with a unique combination of paraffin wax and vitamin C which helps hydrate and replenish skin. When the mask is removed it reveals radiant and luminous skin.
Our herbal body wrap treatment provides a tranquil herbal experience that detoxifies the entire body. This aromatic infusion of allspice, lavender, calendula petals, clove, eucalyptus, ginger root, and rosemary creates a relaxing and natural treatment as the mixture penetrates the body and draw out impurities.
This treatment is an intensive collagen concentrate that provides a protective layer to hold skin’s natural moisture while also reducing skins hypersensitivity.
Reduce tension, stress ,anxiety. Improve sleep, circulation and immune system. Relax tight muscles, relieve muscle aches, and enhance tissues elasticity and flexibility.
For beautiful lashes and brows tinting is practically no time you can have a gorgeous lashes and brows in the perfect shade for you, and it can also be done while you’re having another treatment. Lashes Extension Long- lasting Drama for your eyes, that enhances and give a natural looks . Semi- permanent lash.
Is the combination of natural ingredients of herbal wrap and electromagnetism heat conduction , which quickly go into subcutaneous layer of the skin, it enhance the metabolic body fluids. Increasing blood oxygen content and increase the activity of the lymphatic system.
Therapy is a non invasive treatment which tighten the skin of the body, it improves the appearance of of the skin and smooths the appearance of cellulite and stimulate the collagen. It Sculpts and Reshapes the body by removing unwanted fat and cellulite from specific areas of the body.