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Our Brazilian waxing Services

At Integrated Touch and Bodyworks, we offer a variety of waxing services for both men and women, chest, back, legs, arms, brow, chin, bikini and Brazilian. Brazilian waxing is sometimes also known as “Full Bikini Wax” and the male version is also sometimes known as the “Boyzilian”.

Judith is specially acclaimed for her Brazilian waxing service around Columbus, Ohio metro area.

We make waxing as comfortable of an experience as possible for each customer by using only top of the line products to reduce pain and ensure good sanitation.

Our highly skilled staff make the waxing process less painful.

We try to ease the pain of hair removal, using products that have good calming affects and desirable results to sensitive skin.

We treat our clients with respect and listen to each individuals personal needs.

For people trying Brazilian waxing for the first time, please call and make an appointment in order to receive a free phone consultation.

Judith will personally explain the whole waxing process, so that you know exactly what to expect.

We have specialized in Brazilian waxing since moving to our new Bethel Rd. location and since then it has become our most popular service

How The Service Works?

For Brazilian waxing, the client must first disrobe from the waist down and lie down on the table, which is lined with a paper sheet.

Then hot wax is applied over the area from where hair is to be removed and then a wax strip is used to pull off the wax, generally in the direction opposite to the hair growth.

We remove the hair from both the genital area and buttocks. In order to achieve a fine clean finish, we will use tweezers to remove any hair that got missed.

All the items (sticks and waxing strips) used during the process are disposable and never re-used again on you.

Why Choose Us?

We introduced Brazilian waxing to Columbus Ohio in 2010 and Judith has over 4 years experience in Brazilian waxing. We have been doing Brazilian wax with an average of 12 clients a day for the last 4 years. Here are few reasons what makes us the best in Columbus, Ohio

  • Highly trained and certified aesthetician
  • No double dipping
  • Most Affordable Brazilian Wax service
  • Your comfort is our main priority
  • Gentle but effective
  • Much less pain
What Products We Use?
  • Soy Cream wax
  • Hard Wax
  • Get The Bumps Out Of Here
  • No Scream Cream
  • Clean + Easy Cleanser
  • Clean + Easy Wax Remover
Waxing Tips/Advice
  • Take pain medications recommended by your physician or over-the –counter
  • Hair must be 3/4 of an inch long
  • Ex-foliate three days before the day of appointment
  • Avoid sun exposure and tanning before waxing

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